ALTools are 100% free for home users.

* NEW * ALZIP: For all your file compression needs, ALZip opens virtually every archive format imaginable. From ALZ and ACE to ZIP and ZOO, it even opens CD images too.

Lost a ZIP password? Get it back with the ALZip password recovery tool. Create SFX files with cute ALZip icons, manage your ZIP and archive files with the intuitive ALZip explorer interface, and create or extract archives in 2 clicks.

* NEW * ALSong: Play your music with live lyrics and create custom mixed album compilations.

ALSong gives you music with a bit extra. You can even be your own Internet DJ with ALSong!

Download ALSong today and get live music lyrics.

ALShow: Play all your movies and DVDs without downloading codec with the "Codecs Included" movie player.

ALShow's built in codecs make it easy to watch movies instead of searching for codecs.

Download ALShow Now Download ALShow today and stop downloading codecs.

Download ALFTP - the cutest FTP client and FTP server on the net

ALFTP: Transfer files or run your own FTP server. ALFTP makes files transfers as simple as point and click. The user-friendly interface is simple for first time users, while power-users will appreciate extra features and how quickly they can get things done.

ALFTP's built in FTP server is a powerful way to share files with friends and family without the problems of setting up difficult servers. Built for real people to solve real problems, you can be sharing files in under 10 seconds.

Download ALFTP Now Download ALFTP today and start sharing files with friends and family.

Download ALFTP - the cutest FTP client and FTP server on the net

ALSee: View pictures or edit photos from your digital camera. ALSee makes viewing images easy for everyone, and editing photos simple enough for children but powerful enough for quick pro jobs.

ALSee's built-in photo editor let's you quickly add text to pictures, put them in decorative picture frames, or apply other special effects. Converting 1,000's of files has never been easier- you can resize, rename, change formats, or batch edit as many pictures and photos as you have.

Download ALSee Now Download ALSee today to view and edit your digital photos.

Download ALPass - the cutest login and password manager on the net

ALPass: Store and use all your web site login IDs and passwords quickly and securely. ALPass remembers them all and automatically knows when you want to login to a web site. Just visit your favorite web site and visit the login page - ALPass fills in your login and password and can even click the login button for you!

Safe and secure, ALPass uses strong encryption to protect all your valuable information. Multiple users can use ALPass, each with their own personal information safe, secure, and private. Download ALPass or find out more about ALPass.

* Find out how ALPass can help you STOP SPAM! Click here!

Download ALPass Now Download ALPass today to start making the web easier.

* NEW * ALToolbar

Surf better with ALToolbar!
  • Surf Faster!
  • Surf Easier!
  • Surf Safer!
ALToolbar is an Internet Explorer addin with a suite of utilities to improve your Internet surfing. Read More...

Download ALToolbar - Your Friendly Internet Helper

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